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Esher, Surrey - Garden Project

The Brief: Our Client wanted to create beautiful circular garden patio space with water feature, Garden Office/Entertainment room.

Our approach: the old patio stones removed, new concrete base with foundations was laid, new layout of large natural stone tiles was cut out to create circular shape and waved footpath, new bespoke Garden Room was built on a concrete base, sliding door installed, bespoke furniture made to measure. New bespoke Stainless Steel water feature was designed and installed.



Oxford - Bespoke Garden Pool project

The Brief: Our Client wanted to create outdoor space with bespoke swimming pool.

Our approach: the garden area was prepared to acomodate new swimming pool, plumbing and heating was installed. Bespoke lights fitted around the pool area, waterproof wood installed to encapsulate the pool sides, we installed bespoke stairs/entrance to the pool.



Richmond, London - Bespoke Bathroom renovation

The Brief: Our Client wanted to create bigger bathroom and utility space with conceled hot water cylinder, washer dryer, washing machine, iron board.

Our approach: the old bathroom was stripped down, new layout of partition walls was created, new subfloor, bespoke furniture made to measure, worktops fitted, new MATKI shower enclosure installed. New bespoke utility cabinet with tip-on door was built to accomodate hot water cyllinder, washing machine and dryer, HAFALE build-in iron bord installed. Amtico Signature floor tiles installed. Bespoke lights fitted to worktop and cabinetry.



Hampton, London - Office conversion back to Residential Use

The Brief: to create 2 bedroom flat by converting existing ground floor offices space. Our Client wanted to convert existing offices to create living space to accomodate 2 Bedroom flat with open plan kitchen/living room, 2 shower rooms.

Our approach: whole office space was stripped down, new layout of partition walls was created, damp proof and insulation was applied to whole floor area, soundproof walls and celings, new Engineered Oak floor was fitted, new German kitchen installed, glass splashbacks installed, worktops fitted, 2 new bathrooms with shower enclosures build and installed, existing wooden, double back doors were half-closed to create bigger space for Utility room. New bespoke utility cabinet with tip-on door was built to accomodate boiler and meters, door to colour-match the kitchen cabinetry. Wireless NEST thermostat was fitted, solid wood inernal doors installed with two-tone stailness steel door furniture. Bespoke bathroom furniture made to match wooden floor. Old front entrance door repaired and re-decorated, new double glazed, frosted glass installed.



Hampton, London - Rear House Extension

The Brief: to create additional first floor bedroom, walk-in shower and add more light to the dinning/kitchen area. Our Client wanted to extend their house to create additional living space to accomodate new bedroom and walk-in shower. The existing kitchen extension to accomodate new bespoke glass roof window.

Our approach: Additional roof and floor steel beams were installed, new thicker floor boards and new engineering floor with underfloor heating was fitted. To add more light to this space 3 new Velux recessed electric roof windows were installed. Old extension roof was removed and new bespoke glass, electrically operated pannels were fitted to bring more light to the ground floor kitchen/dinning area.



Richmond, London - House refurbishment

The Brief: to create open plan kitchen by opening hallway and garage walls. Our Client wanted their kitchen/dinning area to be social hub of the house. Modern bathroom fittings in all 3 bathroomsand new tiles to walls and floors, convert storage wardrobe to walk-in shower room.

Our approach: Old kitchen was removed, walls to the garage and corridow were demolished, old floor was removed. We insulated the groundfloor and fitted new engineering floor to the ground floor. First floor wardrobe was converted to create modern walk-in shower room, new colour scheme to all rooms was applied, new carpets throughout all house, new kitchen was fitted with blum softclosing hinges, new glass splashbacks installed, bespoke shelves made and fitted, bespoke feature TV wall was created.



Richmond, London - Bespoke Walnut kitchen

The Brief: to create bespoke kitchen units and island with wast amount of storage space. Ultramodern technology and fully though-out storage concept was at the heart of this design. Our Client wanted her kitchen to be a social hub for the whole family, perfect spot to live, cook and enjoy in relaxed atmosphere. All appliances should be kept off-sight so worktops could stay free of any clutter. The owner wanted a large island for food preparation as well as a social space suitable for informal breakfasts, entertaining and dining.

Our approach: Existing, old kitchen was removed. It was important to bring more light to this basement located space, so new colour scheme was introduced.
Walls and also part of the cabinetry was painted in White. Light ivory/green glass splash-backs, additional spotlights and 3 chandeliers were installed to light-up the space.
The Island is the main working area of this kitchen
and accommodates drawers for cutlery, dishes and small accessories that are most in use while preparing meals. Small additional prep sink was added to this island
with hot and cold water. All bins and small appliances like microwave and toaster are hidden inside the wall cabinets yet still easy to reach for daily use. Fridges are hidden inside the cabinetry to create seamless look. Our Client didn't want to buy new integrated fridges so we used bespoke aluminium connectors for opening.




Weybridge - Semi-detached house complete refurbishment. 

The Brief: to open walls and create open plan living room and kitchen area, refurbish bathroom and WC toilet, new wooden floor throughout, small glass/stainless steal balustrade to be installed, complete redecoration of all rooms, redecorate fireplace, new carpet to the staircase.




Norbiton - HANOVER HOUSE 3rd Floor offices. 

The Brief: to remove and replace old ceiling tiles and carpet tiles, waterproof/draftproof windows, renovate and redecorate all walls, install new open plan kitchenette.




East Sheen - Living Room redesign. 

The Brief: to create light, elegant living space, restore existing wooden floors, make and fit wooden panels to the walls, restore ceiling gypsum decoration features, prepare ceilings for Sonos audio system installation.

Our approach: New colour scheme was introduced, new woowork fitted to walls, fireplace was restored, wooden floor was sanded and stained.




Richmond, London - Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrade 

The Brief: to create bespoke glass and stainless steel balustrade with wooden handrail from ground level to the second floor landing.

Our approach: Existing, old staircase balustrade was removed, new construction was build to support 18 stainless sleel posts,
toughened 10mm thick glass was fitted, LED lights with changing colours installed,
wooden handrail was fitted to compliment wooden stairs and make this staircase child-friendly.
Whole staicase was re-decorated.



Esher, Surrey - Living Room redesign
Bespoke Fireplace with American Walnut surrounding.

The Brief: to create bespoke Fireplace with American Walnut surrounding, make new shelving, create space for new Smart TV above the Fireplace.

Our approach: Existing, old fireplace was removed, new construction was build to accomodate new ORTAL natural gas fireplace and Smart TV,
new American Walnut surrounding and shelving was made to measure and fitted,
Wooden floor was polished and stained. Whole room was re-decorated.



Richmond, London - Kitchen upgrade project.

The Brief: to 're-vamp' old existing kitchen, bring ore light to this space, make additional desk connected to Island, make new American Walnut book shelving, make new storage pull-out larder and shelving. Move fridge and hide it in the wall. Ctreate wall feature shelving. Install new splashbacks.

Our approach: Existing fridge was moved and hidden inside the wall, old wine wall was removed and new American Walnut shelving was fitted, new bespoke, gloss-white storage unit was made and fitted with Kessebohmer/ Clever Storage pull-out larder,
Blum soft-closing lift mechanisms were fitted to all wall cabinets. 3 island lamps were installed and additional LED lights to bring more light to all worktops. All floor tiles were refreshed and grout was replaced.



East Molesey, Elmbridge - Bespoke book/tv unit

The Brief: to make and fit bespoke cabinetry according to client's specification.



Richmond Bridge Estate Works

Exterior Masonry renovation, external woodwork and Entry Porch repairs.


Balham - Bathroom restoration

Wandsworth - Bathroom redesign and rebuilding

- shower area, wooden cabinetry, floor heating, TV above bath